Leadership Development Programme

The Leadership Development Programme resources will be avaliable to view from 1st February. Please have a look and make yourselves familiar with the content. The LDP will start to be taught in units from 1st March. Further details about the programme will be released later this month. 

Changes to CTP Drill Modules

As part of the review of the Cadet Training Programme it has been decided to relax the assessment for cadet drill modules. Modules can now be instructed and signed off by any CFAV who has completed the core drill module or has relevant other experience and authorised by their Commanding Officer/OiC.

CTP Presentation

A presentation to promote the Cadet Training Programme to your cadets in the unit is is available at the bottom of the 'Cadet Training' page

Cadet Training Programme

The Cadet Training Programme went live on 1 January 2013.  

Full instructions are given here on how to operate the programme and there are a wide range of online resources available.  Session plans are provided for instructors but these are not intended to be prescriptive.  Experienced instructors will wish to utilize their own approach and style and that is of course perfectly acceptable as long as the intended outcomes are met.

There should no longer be cadets on the now redundant Part one syllabus for the rates of NEC to AC. TI's for these rates will now be removed. TI's for the rates of LC and POC will remain until the transiton period for the LDP (Leadership Development Programme) ends on the 1st March 2015

If you have any questions please refer to the FAQs on the Cadet Training page.  If these do not answer your query, you should contact your district or area training teams.  Alternatively, you can use the feedback form on the FAQ page.  Please use this form rather than Ask the Captain or direct email as it will enable us to track responses more effectively.

Training Instructions

As a result of the release of this website ASCR 1 (Training Instructions) is now largely obselete and will only be retained during the transition phase of the LDP (Leadership Development programme. 

Full details of specialisation and proficiency training as well as regulations and instructions pertaining to training in general are contained on the relevant pages on the site.  Please use the tabs on the left to navigate.

Letter to Headteachers from CEO

Click here to download a letter from the CEO to headteachers. 

It is intended to accompany a request from pupils or parents for time away from school to attend Sea Cadet activities. The letter now explains that Sea Cadet activity is not considered to be holiday or leave of absence from school by the Department for Education.

Waterborne Activity

As the Sea Cadets our focus is on waterborne activities.  Our aim is to deliver an average of 30 hours on the water (onshore) per cadet each year with all cadets also achieving one external waterborne qualification per year.



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