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Go on, get out on the water with us. Where you’ll experience the most exhilarating – and unique challenges. Nothing compares to the feeling of being out at sea, right there in the elements. Take on challenging nautical training in a voyage on one of our vessels.  Cadets will pull together with other cadets to safely navigate Britain’s coastline. This is teamwork taken to another level.  

Offshore operations give cadets a great opportunity to develop their nautical knowledge and skills, complementing the nautical training they gain at unit level. The Sea Cadets have three classes of vessels, all of which are capable of coastal/offshore passage making. 

For each cadet the target should be to spend at least one week afloat offshore in a power vessel, and another in a sailing vessel, during their time in the Corps.  Unit staff should carefully select the vessel best suited to the needs of the cadet. 

Below you can read about each vessel and see the voyages for 2013 plus find out more about what cadets can learn. Please read on!

Offshore Voyages - 2014

See the dates here: Offshore Training Programme

Offshore Voyages  - 2013

See the dates here: Offshore Training Programme

You can also find all voyages on Westminster and joining instructions, kit lists and parental information are contained as attachments to the specific Offshore course on Westminster. Staff in the National Bookings Centre (Offshore desk) can be contacted on 02392 765046. It is the responsibility of unit staff to ensure that parents and cadets are provided with the appropriate information well before the course.

Our Vessels

TS Royalist - 24m Brig -  offers a unique experience of sailing a square rigger with emphasis on teamwork and the personal challenge of working aloft.

TS Vigilant and City Liveryman - the yachts -  provide RYA training for those wishing to gain recognised qualifications and experience yacht sailing.

TS John Jerwood and TS Jack Petchey - power vessels -  offer experience at sea focussing on deck work, navigation, bridge watchkeeping, cook/steward and a taste of marine engineering.

In voyage selection, please consider the joining and leaving ports as these may require long distance travel across the UK to attend the course.

Conduct of Offshore Operations

Offshore operations are managed under a Safety Management System which draws on relevant MCA rules and MSSC policies for the safe conduct of afloat activity.

Cadet Offshore Operations and Badges

Offshore qualifications are awarded for successful completion of Training Courses aboard offshore vessels by the Offshore Commander. Where appropriate, principally in the yachts, RYA qualifications are also awarded.

Sail qualifications are related to the RYA Scheme and follow the syllabus promulgated by the RYA.

Cadets qualifying for Power awards follow the syllabus laid down in the Cadet Power Task Book.

Sail Qualifications

Offshore Hand Level 1 (OH1)Emphasis on Safety
Offshore Hand Level 2 (OH2) Part of RYA Competent Crew requirement
Offshore Seaman (OS)  
Offshore Watch Leader (OWL) Part of RYA Day Skipper requirement

Power Qualifications

Offshore Power Hand Level 1(OPH1)Emphasis on safety
Offshore Power Level 2 (OPH2) Part of the competent crew requirements less sail items
Offshore Power Seaman (OPS)  
Offshore Power Watch Leader (OPWL)  

Cadet Offshore Badges

Offshore badges described in the Cadet Dress Regulation and displayed on the Cadet Badge Chart, are awarded for successful completion of any authorised Sea Cadet offshore training in any of the offshore vessels provided that the syllabus is followed. Badges and certificates are presented before leaving the vessel.  Qualifications gained are recorded on Westminster by the Offshore Office.

Adult Offshore Qualifications

Progress through offshore qualifications from Competent Crew to Yachtmaster Offshore in Sail and Power is through theory courses available at Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore levels – held at SCTC Weymouth, SCTC Caledonia and TS Rebel.

Offshore Engineers

Enquiries from suitably experienced individuals who wish to be considered for positions as Relief Engineer in the Offshore vessels are to be directed by telephone to the Offshore Office. Training will be arranged, initially in understudy positions at sea.

Offshore Cook/Coxswain

Enquiries from suitably experienced individuals who wish to be considered for positions as the relief Cook/Coxswain in the power vessels, and Cook or Coxswain in TS Royalist are to be directed to the Offshore Office, telephone 02392 765888. Training will be arranged, initially in Understudy positions at sea.

Sailing Vessels

The following Sail Training craft are owned by the Marine Society and Sea Cadets and operated by the Offshore Commander. The age range for cadets is 131/2 – 18 for all sailing vessels.

NameCadet BerthsAdult BerthsPerm CrewType
TS ROYALIST 24 1 6 100ft Brig
TS CITY LIVERYMAN 5 1 1 35ft Cutter
TS VIGILANT 5 1 1 35ft Cutter

*These vessels require a suitably qualified Mate, applications should be ,made to the Offshore office.

Power Vessels

The following Power vessels are owned by the MSSC and operated by the Offshore Commander. The age range for cadets to go to sea in the power vessels is 12 - 18.

NameCadet BerthsAdult BerthsPerm CrewType
TS JOHN JERWOOD 12 2 4 24 metre vessel
TS JACK PETCHEY 12 2 4 24 metre vessel



Our offshore vessels operate over a 9 month season (Mar – Nov) and are programmed to make port calls all around the UK to facilitate access by all Sea Cadet units.  The intent is to maximise berth utilisation, accepting the constraints of the accommodation available and the need for all to be physically capable of sea service in these relatively small craft. Their task is to provide sea experience and training for both SCC adults and cadets. To this end, those in command of vessels are tasked to ensure that the training of both adults and cadets is progressed during each voyage by arranging both formal and informal training sessions as part of the daily routine. The aim must be to ensure that as far as possible everyone ends the voyage better qualified than when they started.
Vessels may  also be available to NCF cadets and to other uniformed youth organisations and, on occasion, to the RN and RNR.

Offshore Brochures

For kit information, joining instructions and information for parents please visit Westminster.

How to book

Speak to your unit CO or Training Officer and ask them to book online via Westminster. Secure your place with a cheque made payable to MSSC and send it to the National Booking Centre. You can also telephone the National Booking Centre and pay with a credit card. We can help with travel costs and some expenses, please speak to the National Booking Centre for details.  Please ask your CO or Training Officer to provide you with joining instructions, kit list and declaration form which  you can download from Westminster.


You will normally pay £50 deposit to secure your place.  The total cost is £260 per week which must be paid in full six weeks before the date of the voyage.  There are discounts available where more than one family member is attending. Please discuss this with your CO or training officer. 


Bursaries are available to help with the cost of an offshore voyage.  There are three funds that you can apply to:

The Hon. Secretary

RNVR Youth Sailing Trust


Bedfordshire MK44 3QT

t: 01234 831796


The RNVR application form can be found here


Mr M Pinner


Baxter & Grimshaw Trust

9 Eatington Road

London E10 6EA

t: 020 8556 7460


The Baxter & Grimshaw Trust application form can be found here 


Mr Richard Western

Square Rigger Club Secretary

Contact only by email -

The Square Rigger Club Bursary application form can be found here  



National Booking Centre, MSSC Fisher Block, Fort Blockhouse, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 2AB.


Telephone 02392 765 046


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