Military Map Reading Core Module

Course Category: 

General Training

Course Name: 

RMC Company Military Map Reading Core Training Course


See Westminster


The RMC Company Military Map Reading Core Practical Training Course is run over one weekend with a further practical assessment to be completed at Coy Commanders discretion.

Open to:  

New RMC CFAVs – compulsory course.  This course is ideal for current RMC CFAVs who have previously qualified, but are in need of an update at the Company Commanders discretion.


A maximum of 24 candidates and a minimum of 8 candidates per course. (Instructor/student ratio not to exceed 1:4 for practical exercises).

Course Content:  

Introduction to military map and compass work, covering:

Magnetic bearing
Magnetic variation
The construction, care and use of a Silva compass in both theoretical and practical exercises.
The ability to conduct map reading by both day and night.
The important safety reasoning behind completing and distributing a route card. 
The ability to locate north by various methods and map orientation.
The ability to extract information from a map and describe intervisibility.
Mathematical ability to convert a bearing (mils) to a back bearing (mils) without mechanical aids. 

Phase One: 

Candidates will receive all the Military Map Reading Lessons and some practical exercises - with a further practical assessment at Company Commanders discretion.

Phase Two: 

Candidates will conduct the Military Map Reading assessment exercises.

Joining Instructions:   

See Westminster.

RMC Statement of requirement Map Reading Change 03


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