Company Annual Training & Safety Efficiency Appraisal

CATSEA is established to:

Assess the efficiency for all Detachments on a National basis, using a common standard.

Enable the SRMO, to have a direct input to training needs based on assessment.

 Raise standards and provide all RMCD with clear targets to aim for.

The CATSEA is conducted annually by the SRMO and the Headquarters Company Team.  This CATSEA is a compulsory event for all Royal Marines Cadet Detachments.


CATSEA Dates 2013:

Alpha Company 6 - 8 September
Bravo Company 30 August - 1 September
Lima Company 7-9 June
X-Ray Company 4 – 6 October
Yankee Company 2-4 August
Zulu Company  13 – 15 September


CATSEA Intructions


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