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This page provides guidance to Unit's and Districts around the mandatory training process. 

As a Commanding Officer, Officer in Charge or Chairperson on a monthly basis you will receive an email updating you on your volunteers mandatory training requirements. This email will highlight any volunteers who have requirements which are due to expire within the next three months.

Please encourage your volunteers to ensure that these requirements are completed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, as a last resort, volunteers who do not complete their requirements will have their volunteer roles ended.. 

In addition to your monthly email you now also can track mandatory training renewal dates via Westminster. For guidance on accessing these reports and the renewal processes please view the relevant tab below. 

Volunteer Onboarding

Written Report Guidance: Volunteer Onboarding 

Further Guidance: Enrolling and Inducting Volunteers

Video Guidance:


Written Report Guidance: Disclosure

Further Guidance: Disclosure Renewals 

Due to a new MoD requirement, from the 1 October 2023 any volunteer that does not hold a valid disclosure will be automatically suspended until such time as they obtain one.

A valid disclosure is defined as:

-          A Sea Cadet specific enhanced DBS, ANI or PVG certificate

-          Listed with an issue date within the past three years

-          Details formally reviewed and recorded by NSC Volunteer Support in Westminster

Due to the need for disclosure applications to be submitted for externally we cannot control the amount of time in which this will take to be completed. The sooner that a disclosure is submitted, the less impact this will have on your volunteers.

Video Guidance:

Responsible for Information E-learning

Written Report Guidance: Responsible for Information 

Further Guidance: Responsible for Information

Video Guidance:


Safeguarding E-learning

Written Report Guidance: Safeguarding 

Further Guidance: Safeguarding 

Video Guidance: 



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